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I know a lot of you are wondering what happened to the monetization on my ETCG channel. This video should help clear up any confusion. Thank you all for your support!


  • 26w ago pdol85 pdol85

    Don’t go !!

  • 26w ago jhuntosgarage jhuntosgarage

    This was good. Thanks for sharing.

  • 26w ago classicgbodygarage classicgbodygarage

    Will be checking this out today

  • 26w ago micah_v2 micah_v2

    Is this video on your youtuBe channel ?

  • 26w ago xbajx xbajx

    Don’t worry Eric, you will be back in no time. Maybe consider pushing more videos so it will be monetized sooner? Not sure if that would work.

  • 26w ago monkehmonkehmonkeh monkehmonkehmonkeh

    Youtube are bellends

  • 26w ago humblemechanic humblemechanic

    I like the picture not the concept

  • 26w ago therealsnewell therealsnewell

    Jewtube strikes again

  • 26w ago carssimplified carssimplified

    Yikes! I'll be watching that one soon. I didn't know the whole channel got demonetized!

  • 26w ago how_to_automotive how_to_automotive

    Can you talk about why you left the MCN?

  • 26w ago taylor7682 taylor7682

    Watched this this morning good to see you back when you can


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