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a throwback to my #Halloween outfit while I was in Japan~ I miss it so much ; w ; #kawaii #kawaiihalloween #jfashion #kawaiifashion #rilakkuma #plussizekawaii #witch #cutewitch #kawaiiasthetic


  • 44w ago creepygirlclub creepygirlclub

    You make an adorable witch! I love the dress! 🖤

  • 44w ago mrk0257_ mrk0257_

    I saw you on Japanese TV!!

  • 44w ago marshmallowfawn marshmallowfawn

    @creepygirlclub thank you~!!! it’s from mochioni! you can find a link to their insta in a post I made a while ago~!

  • 44w ago marshmallowfawn marshmallowfawn

    @mrk0257_ あ本当⁈ 嬉しい! それは楽しいことでした! 次回は日本に来て、会いましょう!

  • 44w ago mrk0257_ mrk0257_

    Yes! When you come to Japan, let me know😄I wanna meet you!

  • 44w ago x.feiii x.feiii

    that dress is so cute!

  • 42w ago ultrapop.cute ultrapop.cute

    hey babe! we love your profile and would love to invite you to be a paid model/promoter for our shop! if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can learn more and sign up at <3

  • 39w ago ashismighty ashismighty

    ✅Very interesting😄!!!

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