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Today is Sunday, which means it’s time to crack open the books and start getting ready for the exam tomorrow in OB. In class, we are currently going over the physiologic changes that occur during pregnancy and also fetal surveillance methods. Speaking of books, the Saunders NCLEX-RN Review guide is a great item to have when preparing for nursing school exams. Have a great Sunday! #rn #nursingstudent #nurseofinstagram #nursing #nursesrock #nurses #powerhousenurses #nclex #obnursing #nursingschool #sundayfunday #sundayvibes


  • 39w ago korinaramirez_ korinaramirez_

    Good luck!

  • 39w ago ryansilverthorn ryansilverthorn

    @korinaramirez_ thanks!

  • 39w ago kaleyybrookee kaleyybrookee

    Do you like using your iPad for taking notes?

  • 39w ago joel853 joel853

    Saunders is great to ready. Eliminates having to always be wondering what the instructor is saying after lecture ends. I should of gotten Saunders PN when I first started the program. Probably would of helped me. Good luck on your OB exam man.

  • 39w ago ryansilverthorn ryansilverthorn

    @joel853 Yeah! Especially if you just need a quick recap of part of the lecture or part of something you read in the textbook. Thanks!

  • 39w ago ryansilverthorn ryansilverthorn

    @kaleyybrookee Yeah, it’s pretty handy thanks to iCloud, which allows me to view the notes on my MacBook, iPhone, and iPad anywhere. The iPad is a bit slower than traditional paper and pen when taking notes, but I think all in all, it’s helpful.

  • 39w ago nicky.lifts.stuff nicky.lifts.stuff

    Don't forget the quiz banks! I used the NCLEX RN Mastery app for days when I didn't want to lug around a clunky book. It always had content that wasn't covered in class, which kept it interesting, and the rationales are pretty good.

  • 39w ago joel853 joel853

    @ryansilverthorn welcome. Keep it up man.

  • 39w ago nursingstudent72 nursingstudent72

    Good luck!!! 😊

  • 39w ago ryansilverthorn ryansilverthorn

    @nursingstudent72 thanks!

  • 34w ago fitnesswhisperer fitnesswhisperer

    Keep studying!!!!! Nurses rock!! We are awesome people!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🤸🏽‍♀️

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