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[ Name ] jane watson
[ Species ] human
[ Gender ] female
[ Occupation ] physician
[ Sexuality ] bisexual
[ Sexual Position ] bottom
[ Height ] 5’6”
[ Hair color ] blonde
[ Hair type ] wavy
[ Eye color ] blonde
[ Race/ethnicity ] white
[ Age ] 29
[ Birthday ] july 7
[ Personality ] jane watson, veteran and physician, has been living in england her entire life. she was released from the army almost a year ago. she misses it, truth be told, but she’d never admit that to her therapist, nor her friends. she is in search of a flatmate, as living alone and not having a job since the war is quite difficult for her. she is a quiet and slightly antisocial girl. most people would say she’s serious, but she doesn’t mean to be. if you’re really her friend, she definitely loosened up by a great amount when around you.
[ Special features ] slight tremor in her wrist, injured knee after an incident in the war
‼️ NOTE: jane is my genderbent character, based off of john watson from the BBC show, SHERLOCK. ‼️

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