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“Whadda ya call this darls?” Jam, cream, sugar on top. In my neck of the woods this is a ‘Kitchener Bun’. Is this a South Australian thing? Do you have these where you live and what do you call them (other than a heart attack waiting to happen).


  • 9w ago denysewhelan denysewhelan

    Is it a pastry rather than a bun? Very familiar with cream buns in NSW. Of course can’t eat them at the moment. This looks so fresh & crunchy too! ❤️

  • 9w ago shamozal shamozal

    @denysewhelan more a bun - do your cream buns have jam as well as cream? Have no idea why we call them Kitchener Buns

  • 9w ago shamozal shamozal

    Oh just googled! Can’t attach the screen shot but wiki has all the answers @denysewhelan

  • 9w ago denysewhelan denysewhelan

    @shamozal yes both & I only buy/eat fresh cream ones. Wasnt Kitchener someone in WW1?

  • 9w ago denysewhelan denysewhelan

    @shamozal and another food item for my list! #foodsIwilleatwhenIhaveteeth!

  • 9w ago ajwaterman ajwaterman

    Too funny - my husband is from SA and calls a dust pan & broom a ‘hearth broom’ - we rib him mercilessly about it

  • 9w ago stargett stargett

    Brings back memories of childhood holidays in these!

  • 9w ago bigwordsblog bigwordsblog


  • 9w ago flavstakesphotos flavstakesphotos

    My mum always told us that they were known by a Germanic name pre-1914, but at the outbreak of WW1 they were renamed in Sth Australia as Kitchener buns after Lord K, who was Secretary of State for war at the time. No idea if that’s true or an Urban legend!

  • 9w ago sallyjsara sallyjsara

    Yuuuuuuum. I’ve got bakery envy.

  • 9w ago remarkabletravels remarkabletravels

    Yum! We call them cream buns

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