Instagram post by @balzerdesigns Julie Fei-Fan Balzer


  • 40w ago marviadavidson marviadavidson

    Oh wow! That’s cool. Gives me an idea to practice skin tones in an easier way. 😊

  • 40w ago nannalove2014 nannalove2014

    You are always doing the coolest stuff!

  • 40w ago sweetpastrypam sweetpastrypam

    Very cool! I love how quickly something can change and transform so perfectly!👍🏻👍🏻❤️

  • 40w ago aliedwards aliedwards

    So cool

  • 40w ago nonnaluvs nonnaluvs

    A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. 👏🏼✨✨

  • 40w ago lollok2 lollok2

    This is amazing ❣️

  • 40w ago mystele1 mystele1

    Hah! So cool.

  • 40w ago he_riff he_riff

    I love it !!

  • 40w ago gettotheart gettotheart


  • 40w ago mimishescrafty mimishescrafty

    Love this

  • 40w ago vivianeabt vivianeabt

    @designsandragtags This is the artist that jean and I were talking about last night

  • 40w ago heidiorndorff heidiorndorff

    You are an Inspiration!

  • 40w ago designsandragtags designsandragtags

    @vivianeabt thank you!

  • 40w ago keeshaunscripted keeshaunscripted

  • 40w ago nonnaluvs nonnaluvs

    Seriously. I think you may want to consider doing a YouTube video on this or even a class, oh my gosh this is just so so cool💖✨

  • 40w ago sestramaria sestramaria

    I love this! What is the tool you use to dry the paint faster? Is it just a hairdryer or is it a specific handheld art dryer?

  • 40w ago anita46novice anita46novice

    Love this!

  • 40w ago jbharts56 jbharts56

    Love it! Please, never say precious believe you are lazy for not cleaning stencils! You manage to get so much accomplished. So hard when a thriving artist. Down time is necessary! Making things in life more simplistic like not cleaning stencils is liberating! For me anyway. I do not think of myself as lazy without cleaning stencils. You have so much talent!

  • 40w ago faygiefellig faygiefellig

    Great stuff

  • 40w ago goatsandgranola goatsandgranola

    That was great to see. Thank you!

  • 40w ago lunakat805 lunakat805

    Love this-inspired!

  • 40w ago pdot707 pdot707

    We had this as an assignment in an art class I took here at the "old folks home". Since I struggle with the eyes looking like they should, I ended up making all the pretty girls into pirates with eye patches.

  • 39w ago brendathomas718 brendathomas718

    Love it!

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