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The people that collect the empties in #nyc are all business. Anyone know around how much this is worth?
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  • 26w ago tinksnsc tinksnsc

    Not enough. When you factor in how long it took to get those cans, they could probably make more at McDonald's during same period of time.

  • 26w ago jay_duran31 jay_duran31

    +- $60

  • 26w ago weswunde weswunde

    Between .25-.35 cents a lb. Aluminum is down price wise

  • 26w ago mattstj mattstj

    @weswunde New York has a can/bottle redemption deposit of 5 cents

  • 26w ago nevar101 nevar101

    About a penny each.

  • 26w ago dkopsieker dkopsieker

    Each can bag is worth about 13 bucks

  • 26w ago rocco_e26 rocco_e26

    It’s more than you think believe it or not but who has time for that crap.

  • 26w ago vo_nam vo_nam


  • 26w ago qmanojayork qmanojayork

    That's a small CNote!

  • 26w ago sjnoyes sjnoyes

    Is that the woman from a few years ago that had her carts taken away, because it was such a mess?

  • 26w ago emailbriantaylor emailbriantaylor

    Tell her to let go of the past.

  • 26w ago zinoxol zinoxol

    We have a lady here in NJ that does that but on bike, and I'm amazed how she rides the bike with huge bags of recyclables attached to her/bike.

  • 26w ago jmeaker1 jmeaker1

    One million dollars.

  • 26w ago raffertyanthony raffertyanthony

    @sjnoyes Idk, but this woman had a nice coat and hat like she makes good money didn't she 🤔😉👍💵💰💳

  • 26w ago demotivat3r demotivat3r

    Somewhere in the neighborhood of jack shit.

  • 26w ago raffertyanthony raffertyanthony

    Bahaha! Ope walking around NYC trying to be friendly 😂😂😂

  • 26w ago adamtriple6 adamtriple6

    “....Perhaps more than that....”

  • 26w ago psychosystemic psychosystemic

    Young Sam's paycheck

  • 26w ago sliikriick sliikriick

    About 50$

  • 26w ago richards_rich_richards richards_rich_richards

    20-30.00 a bag

  • 26w ago scootmadoot scootmadoot

    Im from detroit you get the most for returns 10 cents a pop no pun tended but they crack down on the hustlers 25 dollar limit

  • 26w ago bbkiev bbkiev

    There a documentary out there called canners or something

  • 26w ago jon_jones_24 jon_jones_24

    About $30 per bag is what I have seen pay out

  • 26w ago dave.heine dave.heine

    It’s like looking into your near future, huh @opieradio ?

  • 26w ago opieradio opieradio

    @dave.heine I don't get it?

  • 26w ago standing65 standing65

    Around 140$

  • 26w ago coachjim17 coachjim17

    Each bag is about $7-8.00.

  • 26w ago tiffannybrandel tiffannybrandel

    They need to head to Saginaw, Michigan...where you will get a cool dime for every can. Just ask Seinfeld.

  • 26w ago ray_carlone ray_carlone


  • 26w ago cornbeef_hashtag cornbeef_hashtag

    On the uws they had a team and a white van collecting on the corners. Strictly business

  • 26w ago notsofriendlygiant notsofriendlygiant

    Why lug all these around endlessly tho? Why not return them?

  • 26w ago photosbyfrancis photosbyfrancis

    It’s worth a case of mad dog.

  • 26w ago biglou321 biglou321

    @opieradio and neither does He, Waiting for a Resurrection, The Bonfire ♨️ doing best O & A type show in your absence, time to get ya back Talking.

  • 26w ago dave.heine dave.heine

    @opieradio you don’t get it? Quick! Steer the other direction, captain!

  • 26w ago califourtwenty_ califourtwenty_


  • 26w ago paulxdm40 paulxdm40

    @rocco_e26 people with no job or life. Duh. 😂

  • 26w ago paulxdm40 paulxdm40

    Sandy Kanes cans are worth less. That's all I know.

  • 26w ago tampajoe tampajoe

    Worth $2.67.

  • 26w ago pepsidog999 pepsidog999

    @opieradio I think hes saying your lack of talent will lead to homelessness

  • 26w ago andy_meeker andy_meeker

    Opie @opieradio does it seem at all ironic to you? This caricature you’ve become. Or are you really just that obtuse. #justAnswerTheQuestion


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