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Lazy Saturday. 🙌 As a freelancer I sometimes get panicked about taking time off. No work = no money. And I need to pay my rent. BUT, over the years I have discovered that taking some time to myself isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. I think I’m a better artist (and probably a better person) when I take the time to relax and chill out. So, if you need me, I’ll be here on the couch, laying in a sunbeam, staring at that daffodil and dreaming of Spring! 🛋 🥔 #avoidburnout
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  • 36w ago lifelovepaper lifelovepaper


  • 36w ago 4wheelss 4wheelss

    Love this scene

  • 36w ago nadinetouzet nadinetouzet

    Love your « flag ». And yes avoid burnout (I’m a freelancer too and it’s a piece of advice I should listen to!)

  • 36w ago andreajaneclement andreajaneclement

    Well done, I'm still struggling to give myself time off on the weekends. I'll get there eventually! 😊

  • 36w ago artjournalist47 artjournalist47

    I'm on the train doodling in my art journal.. coming back from the casino.. 😁😁..please take some time for yourself it feels so good💞💞💞..loving the wall art it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • 36w ago joannefran123 joannefran123

    Love this!

  • 36w ago somefromnone somefromnone

    Such a lively space you have. Thanks for sharing.

  • 36w ago janeantoinetta janeantoinetta

    Love the pillow!

  • 36w ago mel.dougherty mel.dougherty

    I hope I get to see to at B2B again this year @balzerdesigns 😃

  • 36w ago mommakrueger mommakrueger

    OMG that painting!!! I mean you’re my favorite person in the world (although my kids and hubby my be slightly disappointed In hearing.. so we’ll keep it to ourselves) but seriously this just sends you over the coolness level. One of my biggest struggles with my own painting was really discovering my own style. I appreciate so many styles but I can honestly say in the classes I’ve taken with you and when I see stuff like this and my soul sings. I know I’ve found what ‘my’ style is. Maybe what I’m saying is you help ed me discover myself. So thanks. Take a day for u 💐💐😘

  • 36w ago barbara_johnson8347 barbara_johnson8347

    Good job! And I love the painting!

  • 36w ago creativeheart4 creativeheart4

    Glad to hear you're resting! You work darn hard!

  • 36w ago

    Your feed is awesome! 💙

  • 36w ago jgoodedesigns jgoodedesigns

    That’s such an gorgeous piece! Enjoy your lazy day. 😍

  • 36w ago dianahj123 dianahj123

    Good for you!

  • 36w ago medenisewild medenisewild

    Enjoy it!!🙌

  • 36w ago mixedmediamichelle mixedmediamichelle

    Love a good rest day!! And returning to "work" full of energy!

  • 36w ago therapy_4_me therapy_4_me

    @balzerdesigns Makes me think of that song... “I always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me” 👀

  • 36w ago renagdiana renagdiana


  • 36w ago adelien_de_wet adelien_de_wet

    Gorgeous art and place❤️

  • 36w ago cindylouwho28.cs cindylouwho28.cs

    Good for you ! I try to tell everyone down time let's your soul breathe and your heart sing and brings joy to the universe

  • 36w ago taranginaweb taranginaweb

    Enjoy the moment!🌺

  • 36w ago janemilesart janemilesart

    Enjoy the self-care time.

  • 36w ago maryleaharrisart maryleaharrisart

    Self care is how you recharge your batteries and an important part of the creative process. ❤️❤️❤️

  • 36w ago loverita48 loverita48

    May every moment be lavish in peace and musings....✨

  • 36w ago art_on_a_roll art_on_a_roll

    Enjoy and make the best of it! 💕

  • 36w ago upsidequilter upsidequilter

    Love eye art

  • 35w ago alysse_nettlesjewelry alysse_nettlesjewelry

    Beautiful space!

  • 35w ago sassyb2 sassyb2

    Good idea.

  • 35w ago angelamonique_10 angelamonique_10

    Yes, yes and yesss!

  • 35w ago beadzombie beadzombie

    That face painting is awesome :) Taking care of yourself is very important - or there would be no art! :(

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  • 35w ago mystudioart23 mystudioart23

    Gorgeous everything...❤️


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