Instagram post by @rosetternfit Rosette Fernandez

There must be an fbf because I don’t feel so well, and this makes me feel better!
Definitely tried to workout today, no bueno, I felt sick, achy, and week, and I knew I needed to take my a** home! Sometimes, I’m not so smart, and I don’t listen to my body, however, I am aware of this and that is the first step...right? .
Even though I want to be strong everyday, have killer workouts, stick to my macros, and just excel at life I have to understand sometimes I just need a break. I’m starting to really try to not put stress on my body and raise my cortisol levels, in doing so, I have to be in tune with my body and listen to it!
If that means not working out so be it 😳.
(I’ve also cut out caffeine this week to reduce stress on my body)#caffeineheadaches! .
Trying to focus on inner health more and outer aesthetics less! This is a new concept for me, but much needed for whole body wellness!!!
#ramblingonthisfinefriday #nofridayfun #helpmeimsick #igotmymursenick #hedabest

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