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Bodies are weird
They do weird things
I've spent the better part of my life trying to understand why they do what they do when they do it (insert chronic illness here)
And the more I explore
The less makes sense to me
Why do we get infections?
Pains that move around from place to place?
Why does our skin fall off?
Our eyesight go?
Our energy hit rock bottom?
Our organs stop working?
I have no solid answers
And boy I wish I did
Yet everyone else seems to have their own genius hypothesis based on their own experiance and background about the why's and how's of these things
After all of my many years of exploring there is only one thing I know for certain, that the body is doing it's own damn thing on its own timeline and telling it to hurry up and heal already ain't going to do shit.
So I'm giving up my quest to understand this weird symbiotic ecosystem that I physically exist in and Im going to sit back and let it do it's thing for awhile and trust it knows what's up.
Guide me.
Show me.
Teach me.
I'm listening.
I hear you.

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