Instagram post by @cajsawessberg Cajsa Wessberg

It’s strange, what runs through your head, when the person who said they loved you pins you under them and won’t let go. When the person who made you feel so special throws you into a wall. When someone who made you laugh like a child is screaming threats at you and calling you names. When that person is holding a knife and you are so scared that you can hardly think, let alone move. What you do think goes something like this: ”This is not happening. Not to me. Not to me.” I was abused by one of my ex-boyfriends. When it happened I almost couldn’t believe it. It felt so surreal. I walked away and know today that these things do happen. To me. To someone who could be me. What the surface tells us is sometimes terrifyingly far from the truth. Because behind #couplegoals and red carpet smiles there is room for things far darker. So, always report abuse, even when you find reasons to forgive or even defend the abuser (and trust me, you will). Tell your friends or your family if someone you are with is behaving in a way that makes you scared. And remind yourself - It is not your fault if someone hurts you. Not ever, not even a bit! Take care of each other ❤


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