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Tightlacing day 1 going swimmingly! Feeling lazy, so I just did super basic 5 minute makeup and covered my corset with my trusty old sweatshirt. (That still counts as stealthing, right?) If any of you ladies have tips on concealing cords, leave a comment! It’s actually a pretty mild/comfortable reduction + I feel like I’m being hugged all day long 😊 plus my back is better + anxiety is totally gone! Gonna try the whole dress-with-a-waist-belt thing later this week. Tightlacers: share your tips! #tightlacing


  • 40w ago madlukasik madlukasik

    now you know how we feel when we see new pics of you....breathless

  • 40w ago madlukasik madlukasik


  • 40w ago iamchichithepug iamchichithepug


  • 40w ago emily_astrom emily_astrom

    @iamchichithepug not as beautiful as you ❤️❤️❤️🐶 #puglife

  • 40w ago mella_bella mella_bella

    I’m so impressed. I feel uncomfortable just wearing a belt and I can’t imagine what that would feel like but it looks really cool!

  • 40w ago _man_of_doom _man_of_doom

    This is legitimately interesting. How exactly do you do it?

  • 40w ago emily_astrom emily_astrom

    @mella_bella aww thank you!! 😊

  • 40w ago emily_astrom emily_astrom

    @_man_of_doom well, you just increase the amount of time you wear it every day + as you become able to do so comfortably, pull it tighter each week until you’re at your goal! With a camisole or some kind of liner underneath if it’s a daily thing so the corset doesn’t get gross 👍

  • 40w ago emily_astrom emily_astrom

    @_man_of_doom a lot of people do it too fast and too much at once and then end up claiming it hurts etc. but it’s basically the same as training your insides to move like they would if you had a baby in you, except there’s no baby.

  • 40w ago _man_of_doom _man_of_doom

    @emily_astrom so it’s basically anything else that requires dedication, with lots of practice, I take it?

  • 40w ago emily_astrom emily_astrom

    @_man_of_doom pretty much! It’s actually really calming if done correctly (similarly to dogs and thunder jackets) though so if you’re an anxious/stressed person it’s a bit addictive.

  • 40w ago imjohnlrice imjohnlrice

    @emily_astrom Thanks much for the education, Emily! 😎👍 Most of my ‘knowledge’ on the subject is in the form of vague memories from ‘60s cartoons and ‘70s TV shows! 😆

  • 40w ago _man_of_doom _man_of_doom

    @emily_astrom that’s very understandable, and it’s awesome to find more ways to deal with anxiety (seeing how I also deal with it lol)

  • 40w ago alanzumbie alanzumbie

    Die sektor 💪💀💪

  • 40w ago andrew_fontanez_ andrew_fontanez_

    How does it feel?

  • 40w ago stabby_stabb_stabb stabby_stabb_stabb

    Ah good ol Die Sektor !

  • 40w ago anthonymwheeler anthonymwheeler

    Congrats on your tightlacing you look beautiful! And I'm glad your anxiety is gone, anxiety really sucks, I totally understand that! I'm also glad your back is feeling much better. I hope you're having an awesome day:)

  • 40w ago alejandrov.a.189 alejandrov.a.189


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  • 40w ago mindless_puppet_me mindless_puppet_me

    you will always be an uncomparable inspiration... the most beautyfull woman i ever met.. my Goddess.. and a person i will never forget.. i love u.

  • 40w ago emily_astrom emily_astrom

    @torment666 no 😊

  • 40w ago emily_astrom emily_astrom

    @andrew_fontanez_ honestly very comfortable, it feels like a hug 😊

  • 40w ago andrew_fontanez_ andrew_fontanez_

    @emily_astrom then you deserve a hug 🤗😉

  • 40w ago nikki_jayy624 nikki_jayy624

    Where did you get it? I've been thinking about giving this a try.

  • 40w ago emily_astrom emily_astrom

    @michaels_girl624 @isabellacorsetry 😊 let me know if you start + we can be encouragement buddies!

  • 40w ago nikki_jayy624 nikki_jayy624

    @emily_astrom that would be fun!

  • 39w ago onesizekillsall onesizekillsall

    How’s that painting coming along!? 👻

  • 39w ago emily_astrom emily_astrom

    @onesizekillsall going well 👍 I need to post more of that.

  • 39w ago onesizekillsall onesizekillsall

    @emily_astrom awesome and yes, you should! Would like to see more of it ! ☺️

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  • 35w ago toxic_despair toxic_despair

    Hey be sure you follow become a supporter exciting stuff coming & we love your look. Definitely want you in our stuff 😉 Help a independent brand grow! ✌🏼

  • 31w ago lightningborn lightningborn

    @emily_astrom ! Your lacing sooooo is on point. Bloody good ! I feel the same way that you do. I feel like I'm getting hugged and it certainly helps with the anxiety for sure! I thought many years ago when I started corseting that it would make Anxiety worse and induce seizures -when it actually does the opposite! Emily , cute vests are a good way to conceal corsets. With or without a dress layer . Male collared dress shirts too !

  • 31w ago emily_astrom emily_astrom

    @lightningborn that’s very clever!! Smart!! 😃✨

  • 28w ago marekandersson marekandersson

    Looking great. And what a waist!

  • 24w ago andrew_fontanez_ andrew_fontanez_

    I hope you’re doing alright @emily_astrom I really miss you

  • 18w ago denniskebos denniskebos

    Amazing beautiful woman 💗

  • 15w ago richpoole15 richpoole15

    Beautiful Lady

  • 15w ago takeshikamioka takeshikamioka

    Im into the sweats . Looks more comfortable

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