Instagram post by @itspatjr Patrick Longmire

Little man is a big helper!


  • 11w ago max_walsh_99 max_walsh_99

    That place is the devil

  • 11w ago 1crazymamabear 1crazymamabear

    Noooo everyone loves Home Depot and Lowe’s

  • 11w ago 1crazymamabear 1crazymamabear

    Well Except when I come out with $200 worth of flowers in the spring to plant

  • 11w ago jonwolfecountry jonwolfecountry

    On many trips would ya say ya make to Home Depot per week? Just a guess.. on average?

  • 11w ago itspatjr itspatjr

    @jonwolfecountry not near as many as jayme would like me to 😂

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