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Dedicating this post for the yummy food I had in Maluku (only some of them though).. But, yasss they are the best! .
1. Moluccas Burger. The patty is made from seafood (fish, squid, shrimp. OMG!) You can find it only in the Natsepa Resort.
2. Rujak Natsepa. Local fruit salad with the super tasty peanut sauce. Sold along Natsepa Beach.
3. Fried ‘Sukun’ and Gandaria Juice. These two are the special fruit of Maluku. It is said that this fried Sukun is @jokowi ‘s favorite! It was bought from the food stall nearby the airport. While Gandaria is everywhere since now is the season for this fruit.
4. Fried banana and sambal. In most of Indonesian region, the fried banana is usually served with the sweet taste. But here, it tastes a bit salty and sambal is just the perfect match. We had it in Sibu-sibu Cafe. (Ps: the lady brought this banana to the table with a dance performance. Not deliberately dancing, but she just heard the music and she moves her body automatically without noticing that we were waiting for the food so much but then enjoying the show. Ya khan @rprebatasari ? ☺️)
5. Sup asam pedas. Tasty yummy spicy fish soup made by the chef of the Natsepa resto!
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