Instagram post by @caseysamsel_bikini Casey Samsel-Torres

In such a good, happy, peaceful, enjoyable place. In my mind nothing is more precious than the time we have right now. Embrace the ones you love and those who support you. Be present in the precious moments because they can last a lifetime. I know it is simple, but meeting other incredible athletes and women who look up to me as a source of motivation and inspiration...have the biggest effect on me. I thrive in a position in which meeting such beautiful and strong forces also INSPIRES ME! To keep doing what I’m doing every single day. Thank you so much @hannahosmon_bikinifit for stopping by the @steelfitusa booth today. It rocked my world meeting you! Thank you to everyone for stopping and showing your love and support. I truly hope I have been able to help you along in your journey or have simply put a smile on your face at one point or another. These are the moments I live for. Thank you for being those moments! As I turn in for the night and look forward to tomorrow, I hope that everyone who watches the Bikini International online or here in person, can see that remaining humble, happy, present, and dedicated can get you to places you may not believe possible, but before you know it your moment will be here and you will be able to feel and write as I am tonight and know that you are GREAT! You are A FORCE and most of all you are beautiful and ever-evolving. LET’S ROCK THIS THING! Thank you and love you all!🌹Xoxo @arnoldsports @npcnewsonlineofficialpage


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