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I had an AWESOME time yesterday with Cake Artist Diana Sassu who owns @bellavistacakes in Houston, TX. She is a fairly new cake business owner of 2 years. It's wonderful when Cake Artists seek the help they need early in their journey. She is very business savvy! Even at this early stage she already has the wisdom to know that in order to have a successful and prosperous cake business, she has to set goals and boundaries for herself. Create and stick to your policies, learn how to charge correctly for your cakes, develop a thick skin, and grow your confidence. I taught her my fail-proof cake pricing techniques, but this is just one of many topics we focused on. There's SO MUCH to knowing HOW to have and KEEP a successful cake business. Let me ask you... What good is it to be an amazing cake designer if you don't know how to charge for your work? What good is it to know a million caking techniques if you don't have the confidence to sell your work to clients? What good is it to have 3 or 4 cakes every weekend if you're just killing yourself, stressing out, freaking out, and not enjoying yourself? A cake business is multi-faceted. There is something BEAUTIFUL in learning and knowing just how to handle all aspects of the business in a PEACEFUL and STRESS-FREE way. That's why I LOVE helping Cake Artists! I am so PROUD of Diana for taking this step towards her future. Her dream, just like mine was, is to retire from her full time job and to finally be able to do what she loves. I know she'll do it! If I did it, so can she, and so can you! My help is always here to any Cake Artist who feels they need assistance with their cake business and/or online cake topper store. If you're interested in booking a one-on-one consult with me, feel free to send me a message. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you Diana! I know you WILL accomplish your goals! God bless you! ♥️ .

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  • 40w ago bellavistacakes bellavistacakes

    Thank you so much for all the great advice you gave me. I now know my true worth and not to doubt myself nor my level of talent. I just put my learnings to the test this morning!!! yes #stressfreecakebusiness 🙏🏼❤️

  • 40w ago krazykoolcakes krazykoolcakes

    @bellavistacakes it was my pleasure!!! Love that you’re ALREADY putting into practice what you learned!!! You’re awesome girl! So PROUD!! Thank you for the privilege of assisting you! ♥️

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