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I don't know if anyone of u have ever been through this situation,well I have and mind u this is going to be a looooong post.
So once upon a time I decided to attend this interview. I got up in the wee hours. And realized I have a horrible stomach ache, great! (Repercussion of hotel food). I sucked it up,went to catch bus,stood there for 1hr. When the bus finally arrived it was way too crowded, I was getting smothered,my right knee was bent at an awkward angle, someone's perfume pierced my nostrils lodged in my brain and started drumrolls there, I was dying 😱. After 4hrs, I reached my destination,my stomach was having a hurricane of its own,my head was pounding,my right leg shaking and my mind ever so kindly SCREAMING "u r screwed". I went infont of interviewers,they decided it was the right time to test my impromptu speaking skill (fantastic!!). With hurricane in stomach, pounding brain, screaming mind, shaking leg, I heard with much difficulty,I had to deliver a speech on 'Kerala, God's own country'. I desperately tried to think,but my brain is busy pounding. I tried to restart it "brmm brmm" nope "brmm bfff" nada "poof peww ww" zilch!!. Its not working. Now m stuck with a useless brain, 2 interviewers and 4 words Kerala, God's, Own,Country.
End of part 1.
Please read part 2.
Thanx @pixabay for letting us use and edit ur pictures.
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