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Boring but essential. @kedgebike chain catcher. In standard black #bikestuff


  • 36w ago jowwy76 jowwy76


  • 36w ago dozzina dozzina

    @fat_man_climbing extremely important

  • 36w ago jowwy76 jowwy76

    Never ever felt the need for one, but everyones different i suppose

  • 36w ago dozzina dozzina

    @fat_man_climbing not really an issue pootling to the shops but going hard eliminates the chance of it dropping onto the BB shell and chewing up the carbon.

  • 36w ago jowwy76 jowwy76

    @dozzina hahaha that almost made me chuckle............

  • 36w ago pedaller pedaller

    I'd much rather have a chaincatcher than a mangled BB shell 🖒

  • 36w ago winstan88 winstan88

    But ....... grams! 😂


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