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New Balzer Designs Art Foamies are here!! Join me at 2pm EST today (Saturday) for a livestream art party on YouTube! (link in bio OR I’ll be explaining what #ArtFoamies are, sharing lots of techniques and ideas for using them, going through each new design in detail, and giving away brand new Art Foamies!! It’s all LIVE and FREE! You won’t want to miss out, so be sure to tune in! #artparty #balzerdesigns
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  • 23w ago cruest cruest

    YYYEEESSS!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • 23w ago deniselush deniselush

    Yes please! I will take all of them! 😊

  • 23w ago deniselush deniselush

    Is that one triangle one with the floral, designed off of one of your stamp carvings?

  • 23w ago tgdonna tgdonna

    Can't wait! 🖍

  • 23w ago shelleygrahamturner shelleygrahamturner


  • 23w ago creativeheart4 creativeheart4

    I think I love those!!

  • 23w ago cynnac cynnac


  • 23w ago cynnac cynnac

    Where will we be able to find them?

  • 23w ago artlikebread artlikebread


  • 23w ago mynotecards mynotecards

    Can't wait to see these!

  • 23w ago florenceturnour florenceturnour


  • 23w ago christian_patriot_nasty_woman christian_patriot_nasty_woman

    @balzerdesigns I haven't seen Scrapbook Soup on PBS in forever. I used to love Saturday mornings! I so miss it. I love your views on art- it doesn't have to be perfect, things can get messy, and it just makes life happy. You are pretty great and I wish you the best in everything!

  • 23w ago betty21401 betty21401

    I missed it! But I'm going to look it up! Those look great and like fun 😉

  • 23w ago nixblick3r nixblick3r

    Niceeee! Greetings from other side of the world 😊

  • 23w ago lovingmyselfwell777 lovingmyselfwell777

    Adore-A-Thon! I love foam stamps because they're so lightweight! Your Art Foamies "Botanicals" design is my favourite so far! {*SO brand new to the ways of the web...cannot yet find why I'm unable leave a comment at the video spots?} But I'm so proud of you & thrilled to find your successes in the industry! The biggest takeaway for me, having first noticed you on Scrapbook Soup w/the other Julie's, is how to just Let It Go, no such thing as stresses or mistakes when Arting! Its really helped me loosen the tightline & boxed in sorta feel! Now I'm far more free to just Enjoy The Process! So Thanks Julie Fri-Fan Balzer for showing us aaall that designing is like right and no wrong! Plus the freedoms in the ways of repurposing, applying a leftover or piece which is a part of one project & waylaying it on over to another project! LOVE that. And I'm just tickled seeing your creativity applied and shared w/the rest of the world, you rock madame! BEEP beep!

  • 23w ago kristinvanvalkenburgh kristinvanvalkenburgh

    These look fabulous! 💕

  • 23w ago smile_sticker_art smile_sticker_art

    @kristinvanvalkenburgh ku untuk Yth

  • 23w ago ywestart ywestart

    So much fun here!!

  • 23w ago zeffyinathens zeffyinathens

    Watched your stream yesterday... Your stamps are fantastic!

  • 23w ago jpugster jpugster

    I'll take them all!

  • 23w ago cynnac cynnac

    I can’t see a link to get the foamies (stamps). Please advise!

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