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I have a nice clean floor in my shop. Thanks for looking and have a great day. #anvil #shop #blacksmith #blacksmiths #blacksmithing #söderfors #soderfors #happyme #lovemylife #love #sweden #cramersforge


  • 58w ago blackbearforge blackbearforge

    It looks line a great workspace. The big vise is impressive.

  • 58w ago smedkarl smedkarl

    Thanks John @blackbearforge yes it’s a big old Soderfors 110 kg and made year 1909 and it’s open 280 mm almost 12”

  • 58w ago petereasjogren petereasjogren

    Det där skruvstädet är galet stort, och väldigt snyggt . Kunde du baxa in det själv?

  • 58w ago smedkarl smedkarl

    @petereasjogren jag har flyttat runt det några gånger men inte bärandes då det väger 110 kg

  • 58w ago oregon_mike_h oregon_mike_h

    I can imagine a whole lot of work has been done there.

  • 58w ago smedkarl smedkarl

    @oregon_mike_h yes it’s a nice place to get some stuff done. And it’s good to have some nice pictures of your work place to see if your doing so changes.

  • 57w ago siwadlowski siwadlowski

    Like it 👍

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