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In my #artjournal I like to draw with big fat #Permapaque markers. Why? To scare myself. You can’t erase them. You can’t hide from that big fat line. It forces me to commit. To not be timid about drawing. 🙌 I don’t consider myself a good or natural draw-er. I have to practice, practice, practice, and even after years, I’m still learning and struggling. (And enjoying that process, btw.) Nonetheless, I still get intimidated by drawing virtually every time I sit down at my art desk. But I keep doing it. Why? I won’t let fear keep me from the fun. 💪 If you have arting fear like I do, you might be interested in the blog post I wrote today: all about overcoming your art journal fears. It’s only paper and paint, after all. 👍
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  • 28w ago janey4him janey4him

    I experience the same thing. Thank you for sharing your experience. 👩‍🎨👍

  • 28w ago acoriginals acoriginals

    That fear never shows. It's reassuring to those of us less experienced that you still have it too.

  • 28w ago nonnaluvs nonnaluvs

    ‘I wanna see you be BRAVE.’ And u are.. and that in itself is AWESOME. 💖✌🏼

  • 28w ago renagdiana renagdiana

    Excellent! 👍🏻👌🏻

  • 28w ago colettes_world colettes_world

    That is great Julie. I often don’t draw because of that same fear. Fun over perfection. I will try it.

  • 28w ago ozzigirl64 ozzigirl64

    It makes me feel freer for my own artful experiments just knowing that someone with all your experience still has to work past the fear to get to the fearless.

  • 28w ago ambwatt ambwatt

    Thanks Julie. Your work is an inspiration to me and I’m a creative (words& film, not so much traditional canvas visual arts) who has been wanting to get into this format of creativity for an outlet in self-healing, but my fear and perfectionism holds me back consistently from making any effort in art journaling, urban sketching, or any other visual mediums I love. Thanks for taking the time to address this. We can’t start healing through art until we take those first steps. Appreciate your posts and the thoughtfulness of them.


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