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It’s time for the series finale of “How To Run An Instagram Giveaway” #typesofgiveaways, the one you’ve been waiting for, the one you’ve paid for with your likes - how to collaborate with celebrities/very expensive bloggers.
In last 4 months my clients participated in 7 collaborations with 4 popular bloggers (over 10M followers each). The format of collaboration was a giveaway. Usually every giveaway with a celebrity brings 30-70K followers within 1-2 days.Then, after it’s over, depends on the theme of your blog and the quality of your content, you will lose from 30% to 70% of new followers. If you have a business in Instagram (Instagram shop or you sell the services via Instagram) or you are as boring as sitting on the toilet without the phone, your number of unfollowings will be the biggest. If you are a fashion/beauty/fitness blogger, it will be relatively small. But in any case the price per 1 new follower will be much lower than you would get through Instagram ads or regular collaborations with small/medium -size bloggers.
So what do you need?
1️⃣ A contact of PR agent of the blogger you want to collaborate with (you always have to deal with the PR agents when you want to collaborate with celebrities/big bloggers) and their consent to hold your giveaway.
2️⃣ Clear idea of the gift. We were giving away iPhones X, cars, vacations. Based on my experience, iPhones always work perfectly. But you need to give away 10-20 iPhones, one iPhone as a gift will sound like a joke to millions followers of a celebrity. Cars and vacations work well only if you give a winner 2 options to choose: a car/vacation or money (e.g.: $20K car or $10K to his bank account).
3️⃣ A Giveaway squad: 30-40 Instagrammers that want to participate and share the expenses with you.
4️⃣ 2 Instagram accounts older than 1 year each. In worst-case scenario, you will lose one of them (if Instagram bans it), in best-case scenario, after the giveaway is over, you will get the Instagram account with 30-70K followers. You can do whatever you want with it - sell it, develop it, save for a next giveaway, bet it in poker, use it to create a blog “Ugly gf of my Ex”, etc.
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