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  • 36w ago creativityreignited creativityreignited

    My 20 month old grandson does that ... he looks at pictures on our walls & imitates the positions of their hands 😁You’re not bad but, I’m sorry he’s muuuuch cuter

  • 36w ago artgirlbev artgirlbev

    Pretty good likeness!

  • 36w ago sistitoni sistitoni

    Beckmann is mine

  • 36w ago agracefulchaos agracefulchaos

    Did that one pop up on google art as a match? You should try it with this photo of you and see if that artwork does!

  • 36w ago kimosabescraps kimosabescraps

    That looks like the one that supposedly I resemble! Lol I’m always so serious I guess! 🤪😂😬

  • 36w ago wendylmcwilliamsart wendylmcwilliamsart

    Yep there's your match

  • 36w ago shakenbliss shakenbliss

    I love that you do everything with your mom. She seems like a fun and interesting girl to hang out with. #luckyyou 😉


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