Instagram post by @jo_sews Jo H.

one of the best things I’ve ever learned is how to fix my #knitting mistakes. Spot a stitch the wrong way round 20 rows back? No problem, just drop it back down and turn it, no frogging needed. I got so much more fearless in my knitting when I realised I could do this! #knittersofinstagram


  • 59w ago miss_kcc miss_kcc

    I need to learn this, present project I started over 16 times... at least I am persistant!!!

  • 59w ago sarahjanesews sarahjanesews

    Yes! That was a game-changer for me, too!

  • 59w ago madelouisville madelouisville

    Me too!

  • 59w ago jo_sews jo_sews

    @miss_kcc wow that’s persistence indeed! I hope you’ve finished starting it now at least 😄

  • 59w ago miss_kcc miss_kcc

    @jo_sews at least 10cm in... since September - something for my retirement party?! 🤣

  • 59w ago sewbusylizzy sewbusylizzy

    I did this the other week with double moss stitch. Such an amazing trick!

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