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My messy truck w/a shiny new bling. #sanfordandsonstyle


  • 50w ago plant_snob plant_snob

    @driftlandscape ladder twinsies 👯‍♀️

  • 50w ago plant_snob plant_snob

    @judesteed I’m ready for your Photinia hedge! ✂️🍃

  • 50w ago judesteed judesteed

    @plant_snob already?! Ok, when there’s a clear day 🌳

  • 50w ago plant_snob plant_snob

    @judesteed We got a bit of time. Lol. I’m just so excited! 😂💥🎊🎉 It needs to stop fucking raining! Ok today doesn’t count.

  • 50w ago lindasagecukie lindasagecukie


  • 50w ago molsboneyard molsboneyard

    Springs comin!

  • 50w ago plant_snob plant_snob

    @molsboneyard Mo we should get one for you guys too! I use it year round! I keep borrowing @driftlandscape ladder at the point where it’s annoying! They have different heights. I got a 10 footer one. I can reach my 20’ trees and still easy enough for me to manoeuvre. And I’m a wimp! 🤣

  • 50w ago plant_snob plant_snob

    @lindasagecukie I know! I love new tools & equipment. ✨

  • 50w ago cassie_and_mickie_ cassie_and_mickie_

    You rock girl! Love your truck and all the hard work you do to make this world a pretty place to be❤

  • 50w ago 1988xt 1988xt

    Your garden tools are amazing❣️

  • 50w ago hortbirder hortbirder


  • 50w ago molsboneyard molsboneyard

    @plant_snob we have one already! We especially use it when pruning our grape vi es etc

  • 50w ago plant_snob plant_snob

    @molsboneyard You guys are on the ball, I’ve been dreaming about getting an orchard ladder for a cpl of years now 😂

  • 50w ago plant_snob plant_snob

    @cassie_and_mickie_ Ha thank you. I do take some satisfaction knowing Ive helped create more habitat and feed different types of critters, birds, beneficial insects. 🌳🌲🌱🌵🌸

  • 50w ago plant_snob plant_snob

    @1988xt Ha, thank you, they’re definitely abused a little. 😬

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