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This case originally surfaced in the fall of 2017 but it was recently discovered to be a hoax hate crime. #swastika #hatecrime #kkk #socialjustice #amerikkka #fakehatecrime


  • 41w ago forza_ameroca_2018 forza_ameroca_2018

    Non whites can committ horrible hate crimes and then being defended as the good ones. Talk about special privileges!

  • 41w ago the_f5fth_elephant_ the_f5fth_elephant_

    Imagine a nation that was actually so inclusive people had to invent hate crimes to "prove" how racist it was

  • 41w ago lem0ncita lem0ncita

    HE'S SO DESPERATE TO BE A VICTIM 😂😂 what a sad fucking way to live

  • 41w ago

    Fucking pathetic waste of oxygen

  • 41w ago

    Ppl like this are the reason birth control exists

  • 41w ago oothatguy_ oothatguy_

    We had a couple here at cabrini university that were fake but no one took action on it, they were too scared to expose the black girl for what she did to herself

  • 41w ago 00tz__ 00tz__

    But Trump and duh kkk mayne. Stupid mooks.

  • 41w ago skoumbis skoumbis

    This just fuels the racists. 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • 41w ago harlleyrider harlleyrider

    Always lies from the left

  • 41w ago ayindejaune ayindejaune

    The Swastika is concerning though-not to liberals of course, but it is concerning

  • 41w ago captin_symonds captin_symonds


  • 41w ago lisa_l_lesley lisa_l_lesley

  • 40w ago alexmvpes alexmvpes

    I don’t understand why blacks are somehow unable to be anti Semitic. How does being black make drawing swaztikas not a hate crime?

  • 40w ago bamebina bamebina

    @alexxmapes nazism is more than anti-semitism. the belief in the racial supremacy of Germanic people, for example, is be a quality of nazism that wouldn’t seem to align with the probable beliefs of a black person

  • 40w ago arrontheheathen arrontheheathen

    The Swazi is an ancient symbol that goes back over ten thousand years. The Jews have made you hate the Swazi. Because they control the media and use Hollywood to also further their narrative. The Swazi represents God consciousness with the 4 90° angles multiplying to equal 360° a circle, or the sun, bringer of life.

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