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Manga: Kimi ni Koishitei desu ka

Author : Shiiba Nana
Chapters : 12.6
Status : Completed
Genres : Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Synopsis :
Chigira Ruiji is a man born with the face of a demon. Trouble follows him wherever he goes. However, he just wants to live a normal high school life and make some friends, and even fall in love.

I like the main couple but sometimes I think that his other girl friend suits him as well. she helps him with the girl but yeah, I'm glad that the author didn't take that route. the main male lead isn't that bad for me. I mean, maybe he's scary but I still think he's cute + his weird smile is kinda dorky to me lol. overall, I have fun reading this manga so yeah, check it out.

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