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#MuseumMonday: A brand-new and very exciting acquisition at the Jesse Peter Museum. This is a Maori old-style Hei-tiki carved jade with inlaid paua shell eyes. It measures 3.2" by 1.9" and is carved by hand
by a contemporary New Zealand artist, Wayne Turnbull. The Maori Hei-tiki is a symbol of the first human being - worn by Maori men and women, and it is thought to bring abundance, prosperity, and fertility.
The painting (2nd photo) shows a Maori woman, Hinepare, of the Ngāti Kahungunu tribe, wearing a Hei-tiki around
her neck, pounamu earring and shark tooth earring, and two huia feathers in her hair. She wears a cloak
with black fringe border and has a moko design on her chin. This painting by Gottfried Lindauer is from
circa 1890.
Watch for this and other artifacts from the South Pacific in an upcoming exhibit at the #SRJC museum, in
the spring! . .
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  • 41w ago _themoviemuse _themoviemuse ora and thanks for posting this!!! I was really sad to have missed the Lindauer exhibit in San thrilled to see this coming here in Santa Rosa!!! Can't wait!!!

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