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When I get asked why I don't teach yoga, my answer always is because of time issues and that I don't want to lose my own practice.
Maybe it's that. Or also because really, I am scared. Most poses you see pictured on my feed are nice and fun but that's not what my practice on the mat looks like. I love Ashtanga. I freaking love doing the same sh"t every day and won't get bored with it. Primary series is where I feel at home, it's my passion.
I don't want to teach cool flows but I'm afraid that people would expect exactly that. 😇
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  • 60w ago zottimi zottimi

    everyone has to find his/her way of yoga, and your ashtanga practice is what you need - now. maybe it will change. i couldnt do the same sh“t 😂 every day but i also don’t want to teach, and it’s the same reason - time first but fear also. enjoy YOUR practice Melanie 🙏🏼💙

  • 60w ago ernie.charlie ernie.charlie

    I love that, “primary series is where I feel at home”. Feel the exact same way!!

  • 60w ago sberry66 sberry66

    Bikram has 26 poses. Lotsa people like it and teach it. It’s the same with primary series - do your thing - don’t let your fear about what other people think set your course.

  • 60w ago progressiverichpeopleeater progressiverichpeopleeater

    The consistency and the method is what drew me to Ashtanga also. I like getting on my mat and not having to come up with anything, I just have to follow the sequence. I also really like that Ashtanga doesnt encourage the use of props (although I have used props in Ashtanga based workshops)--just you and your mat. If you can't do a pose then do the best you can and keep it movin' with the flow.

  • 60w ago emimotoyoga emimotoyoga

    I feel you ❤️

  • 60w ago bethcarleton bethcarleton

    Im exactly the same

  • 59w ago rohtopia rohtopia

    Teach Ashtanga 💪🏽☺️

  • 59w ago

    Super :)

  • 59w ago yoga_practitioner yoga_practitioner

    Beautiful pic. And that’s exactly how I feel. Ashtanga is my love 🖤

  • 56w ago efi_fitness_ efi_fitness_

    this is awesome!

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