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Malden High School is one of the most diverse schools in Massachusetts - and it was the perfect setting for the thoughtful and wide-ranging conversation we had at our 18th town hall today. Thank you all for making your voices heard!


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    @coolsstory save*

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    @coolsstory stands for*

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    @robochef trump says mean things.... warren lies about her heritage to further her career.... you say she should run for president lol. This is the same woman who said the system isn't rigged... and then when trump wins she says Russians rigged it hahaha. Just goes to show you the hypocrisy.

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    @bhs_tenacity_challenge African American unemployment is at an all time low..... are you okay?

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    @bhs_tenacity_challenge your high schools should be educating their people on real things.

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    @coolsstory thank you for informing us, would love to hear what you’re doing

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    Go Trump! We are still winning. 😘

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    @coolsstory @elizabethwarrenma proves she has bad judgement. Would not make a good elected official nor presidential candidate

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    Go senator

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    You are the best! 🙌🏽💙

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    Why do you support Monsanto?

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    Wow that's great

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    @litgramfam305 welp, considering roughly 35% of Americans are on some sort of government assistance, when the bottom drops out that extra 1.50$ a week might not make up the difference. Then the student loans dry up and the banks stop offering deferments. And that’ll fit nicely on the backs of working people, right beside the additional cost of caring for the sick and elderly. because the military contractors and corporate welfare queens don’t care about that 1.5 trillion added to the deficit and will still expect their handouts, so you know eventually the government will “borrow” from the social security fund. That of course is all before even mentioning the fact that the comparatively pathetic tax cuts carved out for middle class earners will not only expire, but tax rates will start to go up. This was never about tax reform, it’s about wealth subsidy. Open your eyes

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    @litgramfam305 also, it’s clear you didn’t understand a damn thing I said the first time, so honestly I don’t even know why I’m bothereing 👋🏼

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    we love a conversational queen!

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    How do you feel about Mick Mulvaney at the CFPB?

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    @c_lee_03 😂😂😂 you are not real😂😂😂

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    @chadwrobertson So you choose to ignore her lies, typical liberal

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    @coolsstory god damn chill

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    On the second picture her face is what everyone in that buildings look like when she showed up. #blockme I dare you come on

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