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@blavity posted this image with the caption of “black excellence.” First, not everyone in this image is black. But more importantly...most in this image have profited off of the degradation of black women and girls. So tell me how is this black excellence? Riches *do not* equal excellence, just look at the example of the person who holds the highest public service office in the US. There will be no true community of black excellence until toxic black masculinity gets its due.


  • 11w ago dzandujyawa dzandujyawa

    Tell it!!

  • 11w ago dont.b.ashy dont.b.ashy


  • 11w ago grow_encourage_empower grow_encourage_empower

    Historically black men have always gotten a pass just as long as they are making money 😒

  • 11w ago delee_gee_ delee_gee_

    You aint had to have a caption this good.

  • 11w ago koffiekakeki koffiekakeki

    Come thru with this word

  • 11w ago authorvaldaysanchez authorvaldaysanchez

    Well said. Thanks for putting it out there.

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  • 11w ago corvida corvida

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 let the church say Amen

  • 11w ago

    Thank you for saying this 👌🏾

  • 11w ago jesssolomon jesssolomon


  • 11w ago quriousityart quriousityart

    Well said.

  • 11w ago mary_flow007 mary_flow007

    100000000 💪🏽👊🏽✊🏽👏🏽

  • 11w ago teambmgfly teambmgfly

    Amen. Thank you for speaking the truth.

  • 11w ago jaizenstros jaizenstros


  • 11w ago saramakeba saramakeba

    Yes yes yes

  • 11w ago jazabeljade jazabeljade

    Unfortunate facts.👏🏽

  • 11w ago hallelujahanasuya hallelujahanasuya

    You just preached a WORD Right there!

  • 11w ago 50shadesof_lola 50shadesof_lola

    Now that’s a word

  • 11w ago djmondayblue djmondayblue


  • 11w ago ksunchile ksunchile

    Open the doors of the church and pass the collection plate. #letthechurchsayamen

  • 11w ago buyfromablackwoman buyfromablackwoman

    Well then.

  • 11w ago purposeproductions purposeproductions


  • 11w ago corneliousbrister corneliousbrister

    Our community has a seriously bad habit of celebrating destructive characteristics. Props to you for this word!

  • 11w ago nwafrogirl nwafrogirl

    Oops!! Y’all better tell ‘em

  • 11w ago beautifulglenda beautifulglenda


  • 11w ago carrick_7621__britt carrick_7621__britt

    Don’t know about black excellence but they all came from nothing to something. Did they do unethical things? Yes. How did the Kennedy’s get their money? The Rockefeller’s? Trump? The movies and music business exploited women and blacks for decades before any of these guys came along. How many black people are eating and gainfully employed by these men? How many women hold top executive posts with Sean comb empire? Roc Nation? How many millions have they donated? Just looking at the macro level.

  • 11w ago blackgirlproject blackgirlproject

    @rotimiakinnuoye so the measuring stick you use is white mediocrity? Because someone else did it, it’s ok? Did your mama ever ask you “if your little friend jumped of the bridge, would you follow?” How about we stop measuring and comparing ourselves to the terrible things white folks have done and do something different?

  • 11w ago carrick_7621__britt carrick_7621__britt

    Lol leave my mom out of it. We don’t all have to think alike. It’s a dialogue. White mediocrity? Your response makes no sense. At all. Read what i wrote carefully before you respond with a canned response. My very first sentence addresses “black excellence” ✌🏾

  • 11w ago blackgirlproject blackgirlproject

    @rotimiakinnuoye it makes sense to those who can comprehend beyond privileging whiteness and maleness. Not asking you to think alike, asking you to think...critically.

  • 11w ago melwitharoze melwitharoze

    That fucking part

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  • 11w ago blackfemmeco blackfemmeco

    Couldn't have said it better! 💜

  • 11w ago blackgirlproject blackgirlproject

    @unconsciousminds_lee LOL!

  • 11w ago womanist_trilliance womanist_trilliance

    COME THROUGH 👌👌👌 excellent critique

  • 11w ago womanist_trilliance womanist_trilliance

    @unconsciousminds_lee YAWN.

  • 10w ago blackgirlproject blackgirlproject

    @womanist_trilliance that fool has been blocked. Unconscious minds is right. They can keep their self hate. Not everyone can come along.

  • 5w ago magicjohnsxn magicjohnsxn

    Mixed feelings about the caption I believe it’s pretty general. However, I see both sides of the table on this. What about women that make money off the degradation of other women? Should they too not be celebrated ?

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