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The other benefit from pregnancy (other than being left with a super cute baby) is the WAY thicker hair. Check out this braid! I know this won't last forever and that most likely when I quit breastfeeding it will all fall out AND there will probably be tears about it thinking I'm going bald. However, for now (and pretty much the only time in my life I will have a big thick braid.)..I will enjoy👶🏻👏🏻💁😀


  • 28w ago di_droptheg_fun di_droptheg_fun


  • 28w ago loripinskymakeup loripinskymakeup

    Oh yeah I remember those days!! Cherish these times .. that’s all I have to say! 😉 That braid is bomb tho!

  • 28w ago proustie proustie

    Gorgeous girl!!

  • 28w ago aleciamilanne aleciamilanne

    I didn’t lose any of my new lovely locks post partum or after breast feeding. So there is hope that it’ll last!!!

  • 28w ago sanamb sanamb

    Enjoy it now!!!! And congratulations!!!

  • 28w ago meganmecca meganmecca

    Mama hood looks good on u!!!!, xo

  • 28w ago coastkid1979 coastkid1979

    Whoa is that true? I suddenly need a baby!! You look fabulous by the way... we really need to plan a visit

  • 28w ago zabrinamakeup zabrinamakeup


  • 28w ago spikermann spikermann

    Wowza mamma!!! xoxoxo

  • 28w ago hilovepodcast hilovepodcast


  • 28w ago koharikarman_dvm koharikarman_dvm

    James has suddenly become vet grabby and I have a feeling that my hairdresser will be like, "umm where did all this extra breakage come from?" Any hair benefit I'm having is being quickly counteracted by mister yanky hair grabber!

  • 28w ago cindyleyland cindyleyland

    @koharikarman_dvm This is why my hair is pretty much permanently in a bun. That and I'm now paranoid of Wren getting hair wrapped around his fingers/toes after finding it twice. But definitely no hoop earrings for MANY years:/

  • 28w ago koharikarman_dvm koharikarman_dvm

    @cindyleyland omg, definitely no earrings for me unless I'm going out, and even then it's a maybe! I check the fingers and toes too since your post!


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