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Create a workspace that gets you excited about what you do everyday. Buy fresh flowers, and fill it with things that you love and inspire you. My office is so close to being complete, and I love every inch of it.


  • 36w ago lovely_mamma lovely_mamma’s wonderful 😍❤️

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    Office tour coming???

  • 36w ago bleubird bleubird

    @rosedangelodesigns yes!!

  • 36w ago rosedangelodesigns rosedangelodesigns

    @bleubird Yay!!

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    Flowers always!

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    Anaïs Nin! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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    You truly deserve having a beautiful office to call your own for how hard you grind, mama💎🔥⚡️

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    Looking forward to see the entire result! ✨

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    Love these flowers!

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    Lovely photo 💙💙💙💙

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  • 35w ago oldrags_ oldrags_

    @bleubird in regards to your insta stories about the link between antidepressants and violence.. I urge you to make sure you're information is from peer-reviewed academic articles. A lot, possibly all of the links you offered were not based on empirical evidence but rather anecdotal evidence. Just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true.

  • 35w ago seeing_her_ghosts seeing_her_ghosts

    Loved your stories. And what you say is true. I made a book about my mum who suffered from psychosis and took pills over decades. These 💊 did her harm. Therapy is the key - she started a new life and we unveiled a deep buried family trauma.

  • 35w ago cadoqueen_ cadoqueen_

    You are part of the problem. This is why people with mental health issues feel stigmatized and ashamed for seeking help and being on medication. So basically everyone on psych meds has the potential to be a serial killer? That’s like saying anyone who breaths air to live is going to kill people. Stop being ignorant and misinformed.

  • 35w ago imaherzelein imaherzelein

    @boochbonch Your distortion of what she actually said is very saddening. She never said anything like that. She is saying the exact opposite. She is critizing the lack of care with people in need of proper medical and therapeutical support who, instead of getting a profound, proper diagnosis and therapy (psychotherapy and/or medication) are being polished off with a quick one-size-fits-all medication. She is critizing a carelessness in dealing with our children that can and does result in terrible events of all dimensions, starting from horrible suffering of the individual and ending in tragedies like the recent event. Don‘t do that please. Read properly and get the information that you are missing.

  • 35w ago tonya.malcolm tonya.malcolm

    @imaherzelein Sorry to jump in here but her repeated use of the word “correlation” with regards to relationship between the use of phych meds and violent behaviour does imply that the point she was trying to make in her story was that gun violence/violent behaviour is a direct result of the psych meds (used in children or otherwise). This is especially problematic because it breaks one of the most important rules of statistics (and research in general) which is: correlation does not equal causation. While the use of meds are a common factor in these cases, then how would this explain the millions of other people who are also on these meds whose lives have actually greatly improved because of them (myself included). If the meds were a major causative factor then the rates of these violent events would be exponentially higher than they are now

  • 35w ago tonya.malcolm tonya.malcolm

    Furthermore, while I do agree that the mental healthcare system far from perfect, and in some cases medications may not be helpful, I firmly believe that this isn’t due to the fact that these medications themselves are dangerous (any substance can be dangerous of misused – even many natural products that are hailed as “safe alternatives”) , it is more of an issue of a lack of clear communication between the doctor and patient, a lack of adequate research, and the wrong belief that pills on their own are a magic fix without any other forms of therapy (CBT, general lifestyle changes etc). Finally just because something is on Google, does not make it true. If doing a research based masters degree in science has thought me anything it is that you really have to be wary of the information that you are taking in. News outlets and other websites like that are notoriously known for misconstruing and overinflating the findings of primary research articles while passing it off as the truth. Always be critical of where you are getting your information from, especially before making large overarching statements such as these.

  • 35w ago imaherzelein imaherzelein

    @tonya.malcolm 1/x You are talking to a „full academic“ as we call people like me in German, not sure about the English term. After 10 years of intense scientific studies doing empiric work in 3 different faculties at Heidelberg University I find answers to my questions in my sleep, if I may say so. And just because James mentions „google“ as a synonym for „search“ does not make her a clueless and naive imbecile who „believes anything she reads“.

  • 35w ago imaherzelein imaherzelein

    @tonya.malcolm 2/2 She is speaking from her experience - from first hand events in her personal life. This alone should cause some respect in people discrediting her (not you). When she referred to articles it was referring to what she experienced and experiences. I protect her against the infamous accusation of stigmatizing people with mental conditions. When I read this I had to swallow tears. So mean and stupid (again, not you). /// For the rest I agree with your more detailed presentation of the issues within healthcare. There is so much more that can be done to help individuals, if the time (!) and recources are available. Also I am happy to read your constructive way of intervention (first part) that I consider a proper way to introduce a discussion with her and everybody here (except me who lives far away in a country with different political and juridical backgrounds and no knowledge abouts yours. It‘s too easy for us to just say you have terrible gun laws and a crappy healthcare system. Subjects are super complex and unknown here on my side).

  • 35w ago tonya.malcolm tonya.malcolm

    @imaherzelein Thank you for your well thought out response. I can definitely see how my point about google-ing could have been misconstrued, and I apologize for making it sound like she was a "clueless and naive imbecile", what I meant by that was that the screenshot posted in one of the stories regarding the search results of the things that come up when searching the the link between these meds and violence, while they seem like reputable sources are still not as reliable as would likely leave out primary sources would be, because sometimes news outlets misinterpret things or over inflate any negative findings. But I by no means meant to insult her intelligence at all (and I am extremely sorry if it comes across that way) // But yes for sure, everything is so complicated and so much more nuanced than it would appear!

  • 35w ago imaherzelein imaherzelein

    @tonya.malcolm I probably overreacted about the google part, my apologies. Thank you for writing the way you write, this is really rare on social media. Beautiful. ❤️/// Considering all the lack of real actual safe conclusions in the science itself and among its representatives (they themselves state they still know little e. g. about the correlation between serotonine and depression) and considering we are laymen, I think the following is safe to say - that today more than ever (I cannot think of any time in human history when people were so disconnected) our children as well as everybody else needs much more care, attention, and time spent together in the family, with friends, in our communities in order to feel loved and understood and protected from getting lost.

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    @oldrags_ 100% yes!

  • 35w ago tonya.malcolm tonya.malcolm

    @imaherzelein And same to you! It’s so refreshing to have these kinds of civil online interactions ✨🌻 and I definitely agree with your last point, strong support systems and compassion/ kindness are key!

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    Love your post!

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    So pretty


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