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Day 5 #januarywhole30
I'm dragging today. I'm moving in slow motion. So tired.
I have 2 real sweet craving moments which I don't give into and am happy they passed.
For breakfast I eat left over spaghetti squash with over easy eggs on top.
Pre Workout was a handful of nuts and dried plums
Post Workout/Lunch left over Greek salad with Tuna on top
Snack before dance is a @larabar
Train snack because I'm dying at 6:30pm is raw carrots and peppers
Dinner is fried cauliflower rice with shrimp (consistency is not right and I'm disappointed 😔) and a spinach and broccoli salad with strawberries.
Kombucha as my after dinner chill out drink with the hubby is nice ❤️️ #whole30 #day5 #eatrighttofeelright #somuchnuts #alwayshungry #beyondtired


  • 46w ago whitnessnutrition whitnessnutrition

    Loving all those greens! Dietitian and Whole30 coach approved ⚡️🏆

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