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#saveahorse, #rideacowgirl #artshow #ilovemyhorse well, the painting I did. Originally done in the Native American, Indian magazine put out by the Smithsonian. #awesome.


  • 59w ago teedogmama teedogmama

    I love it!! And you..xoxo. Your too cute..xoxo

  • 59w ago ceciliagyory ceciliagyory

    Awesome 👏 and you look amazing 😉 🙋😘

  • 59w ago hermano326 hermano326

    Amazing the picture is beautiful and you are looking great XOXO

  • 59w ago dokmeg dokmeg

    @ceciliagyory thanks. Hope you’re well

  • 59w ago dokmeg dokmeg

    @teedogmama it. I couldn’t call you back. Meaning I was so nuts I forgot and then got nuts again. My darling ex cancelled my home insurance and I only found out because the check was sent to my house. I got the mail on Saturday and it’s still not straightened out. Some other tid bits as well. I can’t talk any more. I hope I straighten it out tomorrow. Miss you 😘

  • 59w ago dokmeg dokmeg

    @hermano326 hi sweetheart. Thank you. For both compliments. Things are mostly good except for some crap that you know who has pulled. That part is exhausting. Hopefully it’ll be done and I’ll have my life back. Miss you something awful. ❤️⛄️

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