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Back 2 The Grind 💦💨💥 New Week , New Goals , New Focus 😁 Burning 6-800 calories in the 8:45 class 💪🏻#megacurve #3030 #cardio #tonethatbod #megaformer #cplove❤️

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  • 42w ago courtneywilliams1 courtneywilliams1

    I SO want to try this class and promise I’m going to make it some day @sarahdorak1980 !!!

  • 42w ago _adriangrau_ _adriangrau_

    Your playlists 😍🙌🏼

  • 42w ago fattmelker fattmelker

    Treadmills and Pilates. Cool concept. Haven’t seen it in la. Is heather doing it at her places?

  • 42w ago lisacarroll1515 lisacarroll1515

    Wasn’t in the mood today, but so thankful you helped to push me through! 💪🏻❤️

  • 42w ago sarahdorak1980 sarahdorak1980

    @courtneywilliams1 Yes come ! You will love the 30/30 💪🏻😘

  • 42w ago sarahdorak1980 sarahdorak1980

    @_adriangrau_ Thanks friend ! I listen to alottttt of music . I love it 😍 come back to class 💁🏼‍♀️😘

  • 42w ago sarahdorak1980 sarahdorak1980

    @fattmelker Yes it’s awesome and SO hard . These treadmills are self powered . We add in slam balls and weights as well . Sis would but there is no space 😩

  • 42w ago sarahdorak1980 sarahdorak1980

    @lisacarroll1515 Awww yes ! I’m glad ! Love ya and love having you in class ☺️

  • 42w ago fattmelker fattmelker

    @sarahdorak1980 ahh the problems of LA spaces. Small and expensive. Lol. I know woodway. It’s actually a local company where I grew up a kid I went to highschool w is their sales rep and my parents have had one for almost 8-9

  • 42w ago fattmelker fattmelker

    Years now

  • 41w ago _adriangrau_ _adriangrau_

    @sarahdorak1980 I promise that’s my plan one day — kids are expensive and so time consuming! 🙄😂

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