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Instagram post by @goalstogetglowing Vanessa

Finally had a chance to test the pH of a couple new #cleansers .👍🏻
🖥Click #gtggphtest to see other cleansers tested by myself or others or visit my blog for the full database
@biologique_recherche_usa Lait VIP 02 Milk Cleanser (thanks for sending the sample @ashleyellebeauty!)
💰$67 for 5.1 oz ($13.14/oz)
@olehenriksen Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser 💰$25 for 5 oz ($5.00/oz)
@tatcha #thedeepcleanse
💰$38 for 5 oz ($7.60/oz)
🔆Very Important: The pH of a product only indicates whether it is acidic or basic. It can’t predict how your skin will respond to it. Other factors (like the overall formula & the type of surfactant used) still need to be taken into consideration.
🔆Cleansers with a slightly acidic pH of 4.5-5.5 are particularly ecommended for people with #acne, #rosacea, eczema, or dry skin, but everyone can benefit from a cleanser with a pH in that range (or at least no higher than 6.5--I wouldn't personally go that high since I am acne-prone...see why below👇
🔆The acid mantle of our skin is slightly acidic, with an average pH of 4.7 (Lambers, et al., 2006). Cleansers with a slightly acidic pH help to maintain the skin’s natural environment & protect the acid mantle. Disrupting the acid mantle can lead to acne, inflammation, atopic dermatitis, dehydrated or dry skin, skin sensitivity, & even fine lines.
🔆Acne grows well at pH values between 6 and 6.5 & when pH drops to 5.5, its growth noticeably decreases (Korting & Braun-Falco, 1996). Skin at 5.5 pH is better at preventing the growth of bacteria than skin at 6.5 pH (90% of bacteria prevented vs 60%, Schittek et al 2001).
🔆Raising your skin’s pH to a 6.0 or higher, leaves the skin open to dryness, infection, & damage on a perpetual basis. *Long-term* use of cleansers with a high pH can result in irritation that is great enough to cause hyperpigmentation (Baranda et al., 2002)
👩🏼‍🔬Fun fact 👨‍💻
The pH level scale is logarithmic – meaning each 1-unit increase represents a 10-fold increase.
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  • 4w ago goalstogetglowing goalstogetglowing

    @iluvhp87 I personally wouldn’t use it consistently long term but I don’t see anything wrong with using it intermittently.

  • 4w ago goalstogetglowing goalstogetglowing

    @beamwonder I almost wish I hadn’t used the sample of the cleanser bc now I really want it!

  • 4w ago goalstogetglowing goalstogetglowing

    @skinperspective aww thanks! Sorry I’ve been slacking on them

  • 4w ago goalstogetglowing goalstogetglowing

    @aboutliahyoo 😘😘😘

  • 4w ago agt925 agt925

    So helpful! @kimberlynicoledelong

  • 4w ago beamwonder beamwonder

    @goalstogetglowing Yeah I know how you feel it's pricey but Vanessa its well worth the purchase. Even as a one off! or to alternate between cheaper cleansers to bring the yearly cost down 😜 ❤️ ( which I do sometimes when I over spend on pricier serums).

  • 4w ago dishydecorator dishydecorator

    Love this! It’s funny....as an acne sufferer and five time accutane user 😳, I was so hesitant to use any of the BR cleansers. Would they get my skin “clean”? My skin has significantly changed since I started cleansing with Lait VIP O2 (and Lait U). I know it’s the other products as well but I attribute the cleansers to a lot of the balancing.

  • 4w ago pitayangg pitayangg

    OMG, i want that tools!!! 😂😂😂

  • 4w ago unfiltered_skin unfiltered_skin

    6.8?! 😬

  • 4w ago skinmusings skinmusings

    Yay more ph tests I love these!! Really wish the tatcha cleanser was lower in pH. How did you like it on your skin?

  • 4w ago skinminimalist skinminimalist

    BR VIP O2 is my current fave cleanser (followed by is clinical Cleansing complex & the Matcha Hemp hydrating cleanser) ❤️

  • 4w ago cosvitalista cosvitalista

    VipO2))) I’m glad)))) 😁 my treasure 💗

  • 4w ago zarrine_beautyjunkie zarrine_beautyjunkie

    I love these tests you do, so informative!

  • 4w ago ayesh_sha_ ayesh_sha_

    Love your detail reviews, all of a sudden I've started breaking out again 😞 I feel like buying the BR VIp 02 cleanser or the kehils one I've heard they do a good milk cleanser too.

  • 4w ago linuxess linuxess

    Do you have a tool to measure the hydration level on our face?

  • 4w ago mederusa mederusa

    You will love ❤️ our EN1 Cleanser NRJ-NET 👌❤️

  • 4w ago akvileignotaite akvileignotaite

    So right my dear! Acidic products are better for acne prone skin ;)

  • 4w ago briellesmith briellesmith


  • 4w ago lizalaskabeauty lizalaskabeauty

    Yeah that Tatcha cleanser felt a tad drying. Makes sense. Thank you for doing this. pH is helpful information.

  • 4w ago rileyannbrown rileyannbrown


  • 4w ago goalstogetglowing goalstogetglowing

    @sashalaa since the camellia one is an oil cleanser (and not water based) it wouldn’t be appropriate to test the pH. But the good news is that it won’t wreak havoc on your acid mantle

  • 4w ago goalstogetglowing goalstogetglowing

    @linuxess nope 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • 4w ago goalstogetglowing goalstogetglowing

    @dishydecorator that’s awesome!

  • 4w ago goalstogetglowing goalstogetglowing

    @skinmusings I found it a tid bit drying

  • 4w ago goalstogetglowing goalstogetglowing

    @skinminimalist I can see why it’s a fave!!

  • 4w ago goalstogetglowing goalstogetglowing

    @ayesha_makeup_ stratia also makes a milky cleanser

  • 4w ago skinminimalist skinminimalist

    @goalstogetglowing 😉

  • 4w ago jane_thebeautyowl jane_thebeautyowl

    Wow. So much information in one post and I learned a great deal! Thank you for sharing your knowledge dear~!!

  • 4w ago champagne_and_schnitzel champagne_and_schnitzel

    Love this!! ***adds BR to ever-growing wishlist***

  • 4w ago itsjustme.christine itsjustme.christine

    Sad to see the Tatcha cleanser with a higher pH that I like. Guess I’ll pair it with my BR PIGM 400 with it

  • 3w ago estela.beauty.world estela.beauty.world

    How do you test the products with HP pencil ? Meaning how to use the tool to test on products 😊 I know there is tools specially for cosmetic products but this seems like a water ph tester I have one too

  • 3w ago littlegreenjuice littlegreenjuice

    @maria.suriadi hadalabo kita pH nya sesuai😁

  • 2w ago honestgeorgiegirl honestgeorgiegirl

    Can you recommend a cleanser that helps blemishes but also help dehydration xx

  • 2w ago dirtyboysgetclean dirtyboysgetclean

    Okay SERIOUSLY, Instagram! They never show me your posts!!

  • 2w ago lizalaskabeauty lizalaskabeauty

    @dirtyboysgetclean grrrrr

  • 2w ago dirtyboysgetclean dirtyboysgetclean

    @lizalaskabeauty yours either!! Wtf😩

  • 1w ago taylorfrosch taylorfrosch

    Hi I have a question, I’m in the process of trying to find a cleanser or two to alternate between. I have combo oily/dry skin in some areas and struggle with clogged pores and blackheads. I just recently bought the P50 to try and help with that and will be getting the Paula’s choice 2% BHA to add to my routine as well. Im still searching for a cleanser I like and a moisturizer that doesn’t leave me greasy all day. Would you be able to recommend some products? I was think the BR milk cleanser. Would so appreciate some of your knowledge!

  • 1w ago goalstogetglowing goalstogetglowing

    @taylorfrosch the @kravebeauty matcha cleanser would be a great option.

  • 1w ago bristolsussex bristolsussex

    After three years of study and practice we found that 5.5 is the ideal pH for both cleanser and moisturiser. Even with niacinamide at 5.5 the half life is 1000 days (well beyond the 2 year shelf life). Your mileage may vary though as so e people do not tolerate it.

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