Instagram post by @lionheartasmith Anthony "Lionheart" Smith

Lionheart is coming! #Feb3 #Belem


  • 60w ago im._.summer im._.summer

    You are beast!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘💜💜💜 #number1fan

  • 60w ago tmanizawesome tmanizawesome

    Fuck yes! I can't wait to see you back in the cage

  • 60w ago trod228 trod228

    Can't wait! Good Luck 🍀🦁💚

  • 60w ago ufcncp ufcncp

    Get em

  • 60w ago godfrey8266 godfrey8266

    Let's get it big cat!! Can't wait!!

  • 59w ago kylianromera kylianromera

    most exciting MW prospect as of right now, 3 consecutive finishes, should crack the top 5 soon just keep up the good work my man

  • 59w ago jjuptergrove jjuptergrove

    Can’t wait ,!! Get it done bro, I actually met him it pittsburgh day before his Lombard fight in delucas cafe, took pics with me and the fam, humble guy an very cool ,! Got a fan for life brother

  • 59w ago robertpearlman robertpearlman


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