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Hi guys! I’m 8 months old (5 months adjusted) today. If the photos look a little blurry it’s because we had to fend off my brother. I love him, but sometimes we’re hanging out, having a good time and wham! He’ll try to grab my face or something. Mom & Dad said they are working on it, but man, such a bummer. Anyways, I had my first New Year’s which was fun. Mom and Dad put up a disco ball in our living room and we had a big family dance party. We seem to have a lot of dance parties around here (not that I’m complaining). At my last weight check i was just over 16 lbs. you guys! I’m still doing therapy 4x a week and then there’s the doctor visits. But my cranial doctor said the helmet seems to be working and I might not need to wear it as long as they thought! I’ve started this new gasping sound my parents hate because they said it scares them a little, which is kind of fun. I’ve been super hangry lately but that’s about it for now. ❤️#marijunebug #eightmonthsold #8monthsold #eightmonths #preemie #micropreemie


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