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Instagram post by @ampartitis a.m.p.

No more caution.
No more red lights.
The time is now.
Support your sisters.
From every creed, religion, identity, race, religion, reality, continent, orientation, etc. -- we honor those women who save us now, whom have saved us before. Thank you, especially, to all of the Black Women in this country, for holding down so much, even feminism as whole. I feel many people are mixed up. It's time to close your mouth, read, educate yourself, support, and stand the fuck up. Not when it is convenient. When it is hardest. Every time. We band together. We let our Sisters join the table, not only, but sit and take the head. It's always been their time. Take it. It's yours.
I am behind you, I always will be-- I will fight for truth, love, logic, justice, empathy, acceptance, logic, reason, rationality, and peace-- as long as I am bound to this realm.
Everyone else. On the anniversary of the march, the events of the past year-- the women who paved the way for all of us, for centuries, I give my heart and my respect. No more caution. No more stop signs.
Onward we go.
This year I will listen. I will strive to make myself better. To work harder. Support. Give. Fight. Let's do this. #womensmarch #blacklivesmatter #lgbtqia #intersectionality #feminism #blackfeminism #fightforyourrights #fightfortheoppressed #fightforyoursisters #womensrights #ourbody #womenarepowerful #womenarestrong #blackwomenmatter #hispanicwomendoitbetter #muslimwomenrising #nativeamericanwomenwarriors #resist #metoo #persist #fight #endthepatriarchy #unite #honor #respect #donaldtrumpisnotmypresident

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