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I'm posting this video to keep us all honest. Especially the fitness community.

Everyone wants to pretend that they have perfect workouts with perfect lifts with perfect execution all the time.

This is simply not the case. The best way to always get better is to constantly test your limits. Even though I have pulled 635 before I Still don't own the weight yet. Owning the weight means you can walk away from the lift for over a month and still come back and pull it on your 1st attempt, it's been 2 months since I've tried 635 and this was my 1st attempt at it, notice the failure was mental as I backed off as soon as I lifted it off the ground. My best ever is 655.

so training is always about practice practice practice until your Max becomes you warm up 💪👊 #deadlift #deadlifts #failedattempt #Godbuiltthis #Gfitperformance #fitness #fitnessmotivation #workout #workoutmotivation #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #classicphysique #muscle #strength #strengthtraining #progressnotperfection #results #strongereveryday #fitnessaddict #npc #npcathlete #exercise #onlinecoach #onlinecoaching #fit #motivation #fitfam #fitspo #training #strong


  • 52w ago charlean23 charlean23

    I’ll never forget when I trained with Raed and he was having me free weight squat 150 I was terrified I failed the the first time and he said It happens to us all! I did It the second time but we would never succeed if we never failed. It’s all about never giving up! Love your honesty! Your a beast!!!! I’m not what I used to be but still train constantly. Different goals at this stage, you continue to inspire me!!

  • 52w ago rachael_jean_ rachael_jean_

    Next time 😁

  • 52w ago gfitperformance gfitperformance

    @charlean23 Yup, that's exactly right, thanks char! You keep inspiring many others as well, keep training hard 💪👊

  • 52w ago gfitperformance gfitperformance

    @rachael_jean_ oh for sure 💪👊 legs soon!

  • 52w ago rachael_jean_ rachael_jean_

    @gfitperformance ehh may be a while, im down for the count 😰

  • 52w ago zeus_0527 zeus_0527

    You had it bro, strong as helll

  • 52w ago gfitperformance gfitperformance

    @rachael_jean_ Lmk Then! Resting is never a bad thing

  • 52w ago michael_brenner716 michael_brenner716

    Bro!! Just get fake weights. So much easier and you’ll get more views/likes and everyone knows that’s what’s really important 👊🏻

  • 52w ago gfitperformance gfitperformance

    @michael_brenner716 Yes Of Course!!! Next time 9 plates on each side!!! 😉

  • 52w ago deerisp deerisp

    Love this shit. I’m having a shit deadlift day !

  • 52w ago gfitperformance gfitperformance

    @deerisp Still Gotta Push Through, finish with reps

  • 52w ago fitngainz fitngainz

    @gfitperformance i admire your hard work and dedication to lifting the iron! keep it up!!

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