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本日は500名を超えるファン・サポーターの方々に足をお運びいただきました!ありがとうございました😌タイキャンプまで残り3日⚽️ #楢崎正剛


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    Hi, my name is Lucas de Oliveira, I'm 22 years old, I've been playing football since I was seven years old and I always played well, but at 14 I had to start working and my dream of becoming a player was over, I had two chances to change that in those two chances I played well and made goals and assists, but who passed the tests was who had an entrepreneur on the side, what I wanted to ask is a chance to show my football because in Brazil you do not have tests for my age so I beg you a chance because I know I have ability I tried to follow other careers but the dream and desire to become a player does not stop, I also know that for you it is difficult a decision of this for not knowing me, and I also know that to take me is time and money spent, but I know my ability, my information below.

    22 years
    Height: 1.81
    Weight: 69 kg
    Position: left and right striker.
    Number: +55 019 999315567


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