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If you've ever annoyed your stylist or been blocked from booking I bet you've done some of these things. As personal service providers we definitely aim to please (I can only speak for professionals) but you MUST remember that we are people with lives too. Treat us like a business first because that's what it is. I love my clients to death but we have to draw the line.
1. It’s considerate to give your stylist 2 to 3 days notice that you won’t be able to make your appointment. We don't get paid hourly.
2. When a client is running behind it can throw off an entire stylists day because that will make us start the next client late and so on.
3. A hair salon is a place where people want to get away and relax all while getting pretty. Not listen to you vent to your homegirl on the phone.
4. If you have a habit of texting or calling your stylist for everything keep in mind, this is more work for them. Usually, on their online booking system, you can view their policies, prices, availability, change or cancel an appointment, and see their rating
5. We are visual, so most of the information you are taking the time out to say to us isn’t helpful.
6. Coming to your hair appointment with tangled hair takes more time than allocated to work through and it is only right that we charge you for it.



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