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When the science fair is one week after you enroll in a new school, there is a lot of cramming to do... But thankfully my mother-in-law took the reigns worked with Jackson over the weekend and gave us a great head start.
Also, someone should warn parents about science fairs when they decide how many kids to have. I’m a bit depressed about the number of science fairs that await me in the future. But, perhaps the silver lining is that maybe it won’t be as hectic as this time so it’s all downhill from here?


  • 46w ago ourfavemiracles ourfavemiracles

    Are you kidding me?!? A science fair project?!? You have officially reached superhuman-supermom status!!! Wow!

  • 46w ago amy_421 amy_421

    @ourfavemiracles that’s exactly what I said when he brought home the stinkin’ paper!?! There’s a journal, a title page. A BIBLIOGRAPHY! My MIL is a teacher and she’s so good at these sorts of things because she basically did it all over the weekend. It’s never just the science project— it’s let’s find construction paper. And glue. And let’s teach you how to type in Word and print and cut and glue. 😬 Might have to consider homeschooling here on out!

  • 46w ago amy_421 amy_421

    @ourfavemiracles ⬆️⬆️⬆️ NEVER. That was emotions speaking.

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