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Notes on mutual wills :) I have been (and am) chaotically busy recently, but I haven’t put notes up in a while so thought I’d put these up today. Paper: Rhodia A4 dot grid, Pen: Sailor Pro Gear Slim, Ink: Sailor Kiwa Guro

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  • 60w ago lilly_diamond__ lilly_diamond__

    ،how much time does that take ? 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten

    @lilly_diamond__ it’s really hard to say! I never sit down and just study, so I’m up and down whilst writing. I’m not the fastest writer, but I like to take my time so I remember the topic better. ❤️

  • 60w ago helgebdotnet helgebdotnet

    @kirstenworsten I'm home sick today, so now I've put a picture of the pen on my feed ;-) (You'll have to excuse my norwegian)

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten

    @helgeber feel better soon! Xx

  • 60w ago lilly_diamond__ lilly_diamond__

    @kirstenworsten Ya u right ! Very good job 💝💝 I'd love u to teach me someday 😉💋

  • 60w ago twilight7948 twilight7948

    nice 👍

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten

    @twilight7948 thank you! ❤🌟

  • 60w ago

    Amazing! I’ve been looking through all of your pictures and I’m wondering... how do you decide what layout to use? I’m really curious because I’m trying to develop a system so I can keep all my notes organized too. I understand when you say you just copy down whatever in class, wherever on the page and then transfer them over later.. I’m just getting stuck on organizing the final copy 😅

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten thank you! I don’t really have much of a system 😂 My favourite layout is the 2 column one, as you can fit so much information on one page without it being cluttered. I sort of condense down with each version of the notes. I’m a visual learner, so for me it’s recognisable colour and shape, as I when I think about the topic I visualise my notes. Your layout is so dependant on your learning style. How do you learn best? Xx

  • 60w ago

    I’m kind of a combined learner so even the act of writing it all out again helps but I tend to be naturally on the disorganized side so being able to organize my notes so that they flow from topic to topic in a way that makes sense really helps.

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten I often do little mind maps to see the flow of the topics, that might help? Or a contents page, so you can see exactly what’s coming up in your notes? I do a contents page for most units, which helps with revision as a ‘trigger’. I hope that helps, sorry I couldn’t be more useful! 😘❤️

  • 60w ago

    Thank you! You are very helpful ☺️☺️ and thanks for getting back to me so fast! I’m actually just about to start a new topic 😂😂

  • 60w ago

    I keep forgetting there is no return button, and keep sending the comments before I’m done 😂😂 . What I was GOING to say at the end of that last one is.. I look forward to seeing more of your notes! they are great inspiration ☺️❤️ Keep up the amazing work!

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten haha, I do it all the time 😂😂😂 thank you! 😘❤️

  • 60w ago veronometry veronometry

    Your handwriting is soothing to look at. ✒😍❤

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten

    @verosaurus_rex awww thank you! 😘❤️

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten

    @white__virus awww thank you! My alphabet is on my feed if you want to try it :) if you do, I'd love to see :) 😘❤

  • 60w ago omaretreby omaretreby


  • 60w ago xcclr8 xcclr8

    Unbelievable 😍😍😍😍 i want to learn that 😍😍😍😍❤❤

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten

    @xcclr8 thank you! It's just practice:) Write as much as you can! 😘❤

  • 60w ago imane_el_hamraoui imane_el_hamraoui

    @mouad5749 khsek twli tktb bhal haka HHHHHH

  • 60w ago loubna_bazzi loubna_bazzi

    If i wanna learn to write like this ? What do we call this type of hand writting ?

  • 60w ago

    I have another question for you!!! You seem to have a gazillion fountain pens lol. What is your favourite pen, and in what nib size?

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten

    @loubna_bazzi it’s just print handwriting :) it doesn’t have a name. My alphabet is on my feed, so you can copy it if you like 😘❤️

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten haha no problem :) my favourite pen is the Sailor 1911L but I also love the Sailor Pro Gear Slim. I only use Extra Fine nibs. For when I can’t use fountain pens (😭) I use the Zebra Sarasa 0.3 or the Pilot G-2 0.38 😘

  • 60w ago sarah_asia14 sarah_asia14

    @elrajae95 tbarkalah

  • 60w ago loubna_bazzi loubna_bazzi

    @kirstenworsten thank u so much 😙

  • 60w ago co.kaya co.kaya

    يااي وشذا الخط

  • 60w ago omarzaki_ omarzaki_

    @simoreta @nosa1995 @tamamandili @_.miimiiz._

  • 60w ago sa4awy sa4awy

    It's a great handwriting ... I loved it

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten

    @sa4awy thank you! 😘❤️

  • 60w ago writemeow writemeow

    Gorgeous handwriting!!! 😍

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten

    @her.nibs thank you! I love yours too!❤️😘

  • 60w ago ghofran.bagher ghofran.bagher

    I love it 👌🏻😍

  • 60w ago kirstenworsten kirstenworsten

    @ghofran.bagher thank you! 😗❤

  • 60w ago _.8hem _.8hem

    WTF ur handwriting is so simple and beauty😍💜

  • 59w ago nuououor nuououor


  • 58w ago cn88_jimmy cn88_jimmy

    Pen EF nibs ??

  • 30w ago marielatrejjjo marielatrejjjo

    @marijobugo13 😍

  • 30w ago majo.burciaga majo.burciaga

    @marielatrejjjo que belleza de cantina ✨🙌🏻

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