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Day 35: woke up 6 to catch my bus and was utterly exhausted. Struggling a bit with the metro station as it’s all in Czech, I eventually made it to the bus station. There I got two pastries for breakfast before scoping out my particular bus stop. I wanted to get a little more to eat and something to drink, but having close calls the last few times I didn’t want to chance anything and instead waited for the bus. Once on I one of the front seats to watch the journey. Very tiered though I took a nap. When I awoke it wasn’t long before our bus broke down in Pavlice, Czechia. While getting some fresh air I met a man and his companion Sara from Algeria. They had traveled to Budapest, Prague, and are on their way to Vienna before returning home. We waited for about 2 hours for another bus to come by and pick us up. To be honest it was a very nice detour in the plan and I’m glad I got to talk with the bus driver and some of the passengers. After arriving to Vienna I took the metro to my hostel where I met one of my new roommates Kyle. A 20 year old from Australia making his way to Budapest, Prague, and then Germany. After chatting for a while I went to get groceries and a coffee to drink. While navigating the stores I have to say the people working were quite rude and got very annoyed when there were breakdowns in communication. Afterwards I returned home to book my travel accommodations for the next few days. When I returned to my room I met another roommate, a 28 year old computer programmer from Finland. He, Kyle, and I all discussed our thoughts on life, death, artificial intelligence, and where we see history going in the near and distant future. After a lengthy and intriguing conversation we all got ready for bed. #vagabond #travelstory #storytime #backpacking #photography #mojodievagabond #nomad #adventure #adventuretime #trip #tripofalifetime #lifeisateip #worldwide #worldtravel #amsterdam #europe #tourism #tourist #tomorrowsanewday #grateful #hanginginthere #selfcare #meditation #planing #prague #czechrepublic #Austria #Vienna



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