Instagram post by @jolycosmogirl Joana Juarez💝

Decided to do mommy and me pictures for my Birthday this year hope ya'll like them #26thbirthday 🎂#mommyandme


  • 25w ago adrianaramirez07 adrianaramirez07

    Was this after your surgery?... no homo(hahaa) you’re killing it and your cleavage is filling your dress amazing girl!🙌🏼

  • 25w ago jolycosmogirl jolycosmogirl

    @adrianaramirez07 yes it is and thanks I didn't want to show to much

  • 25w ago 4popular_baby20 4popular_baby20

    Omg! Beautiful & perfect idea!

  • 25w ago latincvndyyy latincvndyyy

    Happy birthday ! You’ve been so gorgeous & your daughter too ! May god bless you

  • 25w ago castro_cc_ castro_cc_

    Happy birthday see you two look gorgeous as always!!!

  • 25w ago benitez74 benitez74

    Very beautiful

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