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Instagram post by @maxhellskitchen MAX

Link in zeeee bio ;-)


  • 5w ago angel_in_love_52017 angel_in_love_52017

    I'm heading to zee website slaya

  • 5w ago xxrosannaaxx xxrosannaaxx


  • 5w ago bridgetamrhein bridgetamrhein

    SO EXCITED @ellaappich

  • 5w ago ellaappich ellaappich

    AHHHH OMG @bridgetamrhein

  • 5w ago 95pxx 95pxx

    yeah slay that merch game 🐒❤️ (ps: do you still want to send me a pic of the shirt I gave you in amsterdam? 🙃) @maxhellskitchen

  • 5w ago a_crow_left_of_the_murder a_crow_left_of_the_murder

    Make a purple one and I'm yours! Keep up the great work, love ya brotha!!

  • 5w ago gnash gnash

    we gotta set up a hazy & wink hang, size wise they’re a perfect match

  • 5w ago hijinksherron hijinksherron

    Where can I get a shirt like that

  • 5w ago ellasingerx ellasingerx

    the beginning reminded me of holla lmaoo

  • 5w ago lizziejean1998 lizziejean1998

    There was this video I saw of you wearing a rainbow flag with your name on it. You should sell that as a limited edition thingy cuz I want to buy one.

  • 5w ago shootwithkitty shootwithkitty


  • 5w ago romanqueenofficial romanqueenofficial


  • 5w ago nataliebeckmannn nataliebeckmannn

    You are honestly my favorite artist❤️ I would buy a shirt that has the outline of your face with maybe all of your songs on Hell’s Kitchen Angel? Idk I took a lot of graphic design classes!!!

  • 5w ago reginajgarland reginajgarland

    Oml I just watched rags yesterday and I didn’t even know that you were the person who plays Charlie 😂😂 like I love your songs now and I love that movie.

  • 5w ago greenhill004 greenhill004

    I want the shirt you are wearing.

  • 5w ago gisellex3x3 gisellex3x3

    She's so beautiful @steven_nyc_ like I'm so happy for him ♥️

  • 5w ago _.mitalisharma _.mitalisharma

    Max I've loved you for sooo long. As long as I can remember. Lately lights down low has been playing on the radio, and today I got a feeling it was playing again. I turned on the radio and it was. After the song finished, they announced that they're playing the American top 5, and that your song was #5. I'm sososo proud of you and every time I hear your song on the radio it makes my day. Thank you so much for being inspiring, yourself, and my idol. I love you ❤️

  • 5w ago spizia spizia

    shirt lookin fresh

  • 5w ago hanna19134 hanna19134

    Low on funds but in love with the shirt T^T

  • 5w ago carlytirabasso carlytirabasso

    @amandaa_jacobsen I LOVE HIM.

  • 5w ago 19annabell93 19annabell93

    My friend bought me one cause she is a great friend ❤️ @mad_hatter_hope

  • 5w ago hanner_2017 hanner_2017

    Yas slay with that sequin shirt 👏🏼

  • 5w ago danaboker danaboker


  • 5w ago tiana1231 tiana1231

    Where did you get your shirt that you wear from

  • 5w ago arieta_blm arieta_blm

    MΛX I tag you in my photo wearing crewneck cityscape but I have a private profil so you can't see it! I sent it to you so please check your Dm

  • 5w ago doreenxix doreenxix

    Love your Shirt 😍

  • 5w ago hellskitchenangel96 hellskitchenangel96

    Just ordered yesterday @maxhellskitchen hmu on twitter schneiderfan15 I miss u

  • 5w ago haleserim haleserim

    Endeee huy heç iyi bir huy değil geyme şöyle şiyler ndhffjjf

  • 5w ago _grinsekeksy_ _grinsekeksy_

    Looking forward😱😍

  • 5w ago michaelricomusic michaelricomusic

    Hey, i need your support by following me and discover the best/hottest tracks of the month in my weekly DJ live sets. 🙌 🎵

  • 5w ago christeenakristina christeenakristina

    MAX collab with NEFFEX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bDlxthJKJ8 <3

  • 5w ago brook.xe brook.xe

    God you're so fricken cute

  • 5w ago newyorkitgirls newyorkitgirls

    Dope!! 🔥

  • 5w ago xnyaahdavisx xnyaahdavisx

    Are you trans?

  • 5w ago xnyaahdavisx xnyaahdavisx

    Your nails are littt

  • 4w ago doodlepuff1982 doodlepuff1982

    I like your shirt

  • 3w ago eddiealvarado eddiealvarado

    Where did you buy the shirt?

  • 3w ago _jhalisa_ _jhalisa_

    i keep thinking you’re gay .. but i know you’re not 🤔

  • 3w ago arianakayla_ arianakayla_


  • 1w ago g_gabrielle22 g_gabrielle22

    Where did u get your shirt @maxhellskitchen it’s badass it’s really cool

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