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The @rockymtnwolf Project, a coalition of conservationists, are using public education to mobilize support to reintroduce wolves to Colorado.

The story in support of wolves is a compelling one. Studies show that "as wolves return in significant numbers, they will prevent elk and deer from over-browsing riparian areas, particularly willow and aspen stands. By spreading elk and deer out across the landscape, wolves allow willow and aspen to rebound and their roots hold soil, halting erosion.

The resultant taller willows are fit for beavers to build dams, which in turn hold and purify water, thus a naturally occurring hydrological cycle is restored. And when this occurs, songbirds have been known to return in greater abundance and diversity and the ecosystem overall is aided, all because of wolves."

Rescued wolf-dog. USA, 2014.

Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals


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