Instagram post by @makiwi Makiko Itoh

More from the Cooking Encyclopedia (Ryori Hyakka, published by Shufunotomo in Tokyo, 1961.) This is a 2 page spread showing a “Christmas party at home”. While the barbecue scene was very American, this is very European/French. The menu consists of a “quiche au fromage” (helpfully (?) explained as an “Alsatian cheese pie”; “poulet rôti” (“steam-roasted young chicken”); “dropped fried potatoes” (little croquettes); “spaghetti Sauce Kyarii” (I had no idea what “Sauce Kyarii” was supposed to be, but from the recipe it’s a curry flavored sauce); “salade chicorée”; for dessert “Mont Blanc” (“a chestnut dessert”) and coffee. This would have been the height of sophistication in 1961. Notice how while the rest of the dinnerware is very European, they’re using a donabe for the spaghetti!
Mont Blanc, a chestnut cream and whipped cream pastry, is still one of the most popular sweets in Japan-so popular that there are cheaper variations using sweet potato cream and so on.


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